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Thread: Stuck button on jetted tub

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    Default Stuck button on jetted tub

    Hello! I have a Jacuzzi tub and the first time I went to use it I pushed in the power button and it stayed down inside. I have done everything I know to get it to come back up and it refuses. I think grout might have gotten inside. I have tried cleaning it and nothing. In order for me to use it I have to plug it in and unplug to shut off. Major pain! Any ideas? When I call a plumber they say we donít really work on those kinds of tubs. Would like to use it how it is intended to be used. Have no paper work because I have a remodel job done and the wonderful workers threw all my paperwork out on the tub. Any help would be appreciated.



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    It looks like you had the Plumber from Hell that I hired and fired once.

    You should be able to go to the manufacturerís web site and download the installation manual. Sometimes they have repair and parts manuals also. Or call the 800 number.

    The button connects to a clear plastic air hose under the tub. You should have an access panel to get to it. The other end of the air hose goes to a switch box mounted underneath somewhere, off the floor. When you mash the button you compress air, which in turn cycles an electric switch, eliminating any possibility of getting your wet naked body in contact with Old Sparky.

    The button is housed in an escutcheon plate that can be pried off from the top or pushed from below, and maybe after releasing a some kind of a plastic clip. After you get it off, remove the air hose, then repair or replace the button.

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    The air switch on mine is held in place with a big nut on the back side. So, to repair or replace, you'd have to have access from there. You might try a small shot of something like WD-40, but it could stain things. Best to just replace.
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