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Thread: Pump Start Relay / timer

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    Default Pump Start Relay / timer

    I just put in drive point well for a future sprinkler system but I am not putting the sprinklers in this year. For now I would like to have a regular hose and sprinkler on a timer.

    How can I get my pump to turn on automatically? Can I use a pump start relay and a sprinklers controller for now, or will that only work with valves?

    Should I get a pressure tank?

    Thanks for any advice you can provide.

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    With a point you are probably using a shallow well jet pump.

    You can use a relay to start the pump. However, the easiest way is to use a pressure tank with a pressure switch. The pump will keep the tank pressurized and will start the pump when you start irrigating with hose or sprinkler system.

    I suggest that you take care to match the pump and watering system so the pump runs continupusly when you are watering. Set the switch shutoff pressure to about 5 to 10 psi less than the shutoff pressure of the pump (experiment) and use a sprinkler on the end of the hose so it is not being shut off frequently.


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