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Thread: AS Flowise Dual Flush = Toto Aquia???

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    Default AS Flowise Dual Flush = Toto Aquia???

    I know this title will get some attention...
    I recently purchased an AS Flowise Dual Flush based mainly for price...approx $180 with a toilet seat and got a 900 MaP rating (http://www.americanstandard.ca/produ...4&sel=features). In my research I noticed a few similarities to the Toto Aquia. ...the buttons on the lid look the same and the flush valves look similar from the top view also (but I couldn't find any side pictures of the Aquia flush "tower" removed out of the tank). The bowls have the same basic skirt design with the hidden trap way also. Its weird how similar the basic designs are of these dual fluch toilets ...has anyone had any experience yet with the AS unit?...I'd really like to hear some feedback.

    One thing I am really pissed off about is that the literature says that the toilet seat is a "slow close seat" (http://www.americanstandard.ca/produ...79216_1174.pdf) and I can assure you it is not. American Standard should change their literature as this is false advertising.

    I have included some pictures for reference. I have not installed the toilets yet though.

    The model # of the flush valve on the instructions say "A2412 Dual Flush Valve". The insturctions are terrible and obviously not written by someone who's first language is English....I couldn't understand how the two adjusters along the side function.

    The infamous gasket...
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    A view from the top (notice AS forgot to include the fill tube...this happened in both tanks I bought)

    And here is a pcture of the lid with the two half-moon buttons...
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    I normally am more concerned with the quality of the porcelain.
    Most toilets use the same inner parts.

    There are only a few companies that make the internals.
    I've found the same flush valve on several brands.
    It is just the part that drops the water from the tank.
    The Aquia flush valve can be found on the Sterling, the Caroma one-piece and the Aquia.
    They are all very different toilets in how they work and perform.

    I can use the same spark plugs in my car and in my trucks.
    Somehow, they drive differently.

    This product is more like the Australian Caroma
    Click here to view Caroma product information and installation
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