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Thread: Sealant recommendation?

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    Default Sealant recommendation?

    I've just replaced the poly line from my pressure tank to the well cap. In doing so, I had to chip/gouge out the black sealant that surround the poly/vent/wire that went through the foundation.

    I spoke to the pump supply house about what to use to replace this sealant and they mentioned Water Plug and Thermoseal, but I haven't had much luck finding either.

    Can anybody recommend a product and hopefully a web-site that sells it?

    I'm not going to use hydraulic cement because it seems to never last even one season, and the sealant that was there lasted over 2 decades and worked perfectly.

    -Matt Duftler

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    You can get a can of spray-foam, about $6 at HD or most hardware stores. It is essentially a one-shot item because the material in the dispenser stem cures and plugs up, so if you have a lot of places to seal you can do them all at once.

    The foam is easy to remove when you need to service it.

    You could also use roof mastic, filling the space in multiple applications. One gallon will leave a lot left over for fixing your roof.

    If it is not a big hole you can get tubes of caulking compound. I recently used some "driveway crack caulking" which is probably close to the black stuff you chipped out.

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    Hi Bob,

    I hadn't considered the Great Stuff route. Makes sense. And I like the idea of being able to remove it easily if I need to.



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