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Thread: Pumptrol Pessure switch rapidly cuts in/out

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    Default Pumptrol Pessure switch rapidly cuts in/out

    I have a 12-month old Pumptrol pressure switch attached to a pressure tank. Standard setting, unchanged, is 20/40, min/max. Recently, whenever a tap is turned on, even if only a dribble, the pressure switch cuts in and out rapidly (about 3-4 seconds) and the pressure gauge drops/climbs at the same rate between its min & max points. Clearly the tank can't be pressurizing / depressurizing so fast. I've made no changes to the settings and the contacts on the switch look very clean. I haven't been able to detect any leaks and suspect the pressure switch has a problem. Any ideas? Thanks

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    Default Pressure Tank

    You most likely have a water logged pressuer tank. First thing is try to let a little air out of the air stem. If you get any water when you do it then the bladder is bad and you need a new pressure tank or replacement bladder if your tank uses them. If no water comes out, shut off the electric to the pump, and open some faucets and drain all the water out of the pressure tank. When the tank is empty of water use an air gauge and check the air pressure in the tank. If it is very low you may have a leaking air stem. Air the pressure tank up or adjust it to 18psi for your 20/40 switch. (2psi lower than the cut-in of the pressure switch.)
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    Default Pumptrol pressure switch cutting in/out rapidly

    Thanks so much Clayton. I'll try that in the morning and let you know the result.


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