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Thread: Valley Faucet Repair

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    I have Valley Faucets in my bathrooms. One of them started leaking. After much searching, i found the O-ring and Cartridge. I replaced these on the faucets and leaking has stopped.

    However, in this process, the part in which cartridge is installed got rotated. So now my handle is not aligned properly. Usually, it moves from the horizontal position to vertical in the middle. But now, the handle is pointing backwards at about 60 degree angle. For full water, the position is about 30 degree in the front.

    It works but looks very strange. I have no experience in doing plumbing work and will appreciate any help you can provide to fix this. Essentially, if i can rotate the part in which cartridge is installed then it will fix the problem. I just don't know how to do it.

    If it is confusing or you need more information then please let me know.

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    About the only way that could happen is if you got over zealous with a wrench and twisted the faucet's body. If you try to twist it back, you will probably break something and have to replace the faucet. Valley faucets cannot be installed 180 degrees out of position. They only have one orientation.

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    You are right the Valley Cartridge can be installed only one way. The faucet had not been opened in many years and was stuck. While putting it back with the wrench, it rotated to almost 135 angle. Problem is how can i get it back to original position without damaging or breaking anything else.


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