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Thread: toilet heights

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    Default toilet heights

    Are all handicapped toilets the same height or can you get different heights? If so what are the tallest brands?


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    ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) height is 16 -1/2" from floor to rim of the bowl.
    Some toilets have "Comfort height or Universal Height" which can be 16 -1/8" not exactly 16 -1/2".
    Years ago they screwed up the plumbing specs and made toilet 17 -1/2" or 18" which was supposed to include the height with seat.
    You may still find some of those kicking around but the are not really ADA either.

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    upflush systems made for basements put the toilet on a 4" platform containing the waste tank. I have sat on these and found them VERY comfortable, and I am not tall. Since the holding tank under the toilet stops right under the toilet, anyone seated there has the option to put their feet up on that platform too, so everyone has the "best of both worlds", that is either a floor level at say 13"-14" and / or at 17"-18", or even one foot on each level, in case it helps to make movement happen.

    So, if I had unlimited resources to experiment and try things out, I'd build a small platform under a toilet to let people perch their feet onto, and i'd put anyole regular toilet on it.


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    Are you talking about ADA situations or private residences?

    There's a range of heights for the higher toilets. I'm a residential access specialist and even a half-inch can make ALL the difference for some of my clients. Add the other 1.25 to 1.5" for the toilet seat itself and that's what I evaluate.

    Because of the quality of the TOTO's, I've stuck with the CST744SL, now EL, however, there are times and for certain diagnosis' that I need to find a higher toilet. There are a few out there, last I knew Crane, Briggs and Kohler had some 17's, however, many are changing to the "comfort height" which is a real sin, because there certainly is a population of people who, for whatever reason - physical abilities or simply someone over 6' or more, or a 5'11" woman with heels, who would be happy to have the seat higher than what the "comfort height" offers. We've got a major aging population coming up, and this aging population is statistically taller than past generations.

    As importantly, I always check Terry's site for his reviews and the blogs. There's some priceless information here. (Thank you Terry). An extra-height toilet with a bad history doesn't do our clients any good.

    Geniescience mentioned an upflush system because of the 4" platform. There's actually two companies who make platforms for toilets, too. One's called a Toilevator and is rounded to more closely match the toilet base. The other is square (name alludes me right now). The Toilevator comes with all the necessary plumbing extensions, etc. Again, if you're dealing with individuals with specific disabilities, the shape of that base can also make a difference in their independence or ease.

    Access for All

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