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Thread: My First Completed Song

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    Default My First Completed Song

    Here's my first completed song--written, recorded, and produced by me. I also played all the instruments. Well, actually, the instruments are all virtual instruments, but I did come up with the arrangement and did the vocals.

    Turn on your speakers, cuz the song starts immediately.

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    That was very nice, it was very enjoyable to listen to. I love folk music.

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    I think that sounds really good. It is awesome that you did all that so cool.
    I'm just starting to work with an old friend of mine to bring solar electric and hot water systems, wind turbines, Flex Fuel Boilers, batteries, hydroponic gardening, books, pellet grills and more. Also the parts for DIY installation.

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    Thanks for the nice comments.

    With modern technology, it's pretty simple and inexpensive to start a home recording studio. It does take about a year to learn how to use all the software programs, and they are constantly being updated.

    Of course, a really professional recording studio will still set you back many hundreds of thousands.

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    I got some lyrics.

    If I was dum-ber

    I'd be a plumb-er

    If I was dum-ber
    than a plumber
    I'd be dirt.

    Hey....It's a start.

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    I doubt it'll make the top ten on this plumbing forum.

    You'll have to find your target audience: Perhaps The Angry Electrician's Guild?

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    Hey dude,
    It's was awesome, I like your taste of sound, your voice. I hope your next edition will just come soon. Good work.

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    Thanks a lot!


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