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Thread: Electric Kickspace Heater Advice PLEASE

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    Red face Electric Kickspace Heater Advice PLEASE


    We're in the midst of a kitchen remodel and are planning to install two electric kickspace heaters in the space. We're currently leaning toward Ouellet's OCP series and am admittedly picking them more for aesthetics than anything else.

    This is new territory for us DIYers and we are looking for any experienced advice on models, install watchouts, etc.

    Thanks in advance for your help!


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    like toasters, they are low-tech.

    The thermostat is the high tech part of the system. Spend a bit more to get "electronic" thermostats since they can do wonders to keep these heaters warm without blasting them ON and OFF the way old thermostats do. They also predict how much more heat you will need as the room gets colder after sundown and the thermostat senses that its trickle current isn't good enough anymore so it raises the current even before you can tell that the room temperature went down by a tenth of a degree.


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    Thanks, David.

    We're definitely going with a good electronic thermostat. Any experience with, or knowledge of Oullet?

    We're feeling a little like we're throwing darts in the dark.

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    I do not have any related experience to offer, but here are some I intend to use:



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