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Thread: blistering fiberglass tub unit

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    Default blistering fiberglass tub unit

    I have two 26-yr.-old fiberglass tub/shower units that have been blistering with no visible cracks--mostly on the shower surround area--for several years and getting worse all the time. (One tub has a crack on the bottom that also needs repair.) Recently several of the blisters have started oozing small drops of a vinegar-smelling liquid (on one the liquid is amber-colored; the other is clear). Not sure what could be causing this and would appreciate any advice.


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    Default blisters...

    had a problem like this on a 65' yacht I worked on many years ago in Florida...
    A problem with the original resins was the culprit.Water worked its way into the finish and formed blisters due to delamination.Liquid in blisters smelled like a strong vinegar.We had to cut out the blisters,let them dry and patch them with new fiberglass.PITA...you might be able to repair it with one of those tub repair kits the hardware stores sell.Wear eye protection when you do this.We were told the liquid in the blisters could cause permanent eye damage.(The boat owner spent alot of money with a testing company to find out what caused this back in the 70's...

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    Sounds like it is time to replace the unit.


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