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Thread: Washing machine shutoff valve help

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    Default Washing machine shutoff valve help

    I'm replacing my 2 hose-bib style valves with a single lever ball valve.
    I went to my local plumbing store and I got an Oatey model that came with an enclosure to handle the drain as well. I asked for one with sweat fittings. When I got home and opened it up, the fittings for the supply lines are male threaded. The box says sweat and their website image for the same model also shows threads on the supply lines. I can see that the threads are used to connect the valve to the enclosure, but am I really supposed to sweat a union onto those threads? I've never heard of such a thing.

    Thanks for any help.

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    No, you are not expected to sweat a union onto the threads. These are generally made so that you can use either an IPS fitting or sweat to copper pipe.....
    The copper goes inside the threaded brass--that is the hub of your fitting.
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    The threads are only to secure the valve into the box. The pipe slips inside and is to be soldered. Jimbo

    Jimbo is right about this. The threads on these are straight, not tapered. Using a Female Adapter on this type of thread will cause problems later.
    These are sweat on (solder) only. Terry
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    Thanks for the replies. of course, now it seems so obvious!


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