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Thread: Hunter Pro-C LCD malfunction

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    Default Hunter Pro-C LCD malfunction

    We got hit with a good rainstorm today (which we are usually grateful for here in AZ). The cover to my Pro-C was left open unfortunately. As the rain was dissipating, the sprinklers all of a sudden turned on, which I thought odd as I had turned the system off. The only thing I could do to shut the sprinklers off was to activate the rain sensor. I dried everything off the best that I could. I also opened the front of the unit and behind it there was no visible moisture. Right now there are a few little black spots on the LCD area. Is this a matter of letting the unit dry out? Do I have any hope of salvaging it?

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    I would unplug the power right away, and leave the cover open (unless it is going to rain again) for a few days letting it dry out. You will find out soon enough if it is permenant damage or not.

    I would remove the power from it and open any internal covers as well.


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