i am having a problem with my bathtub/shower that i am hoping to resolve. i recently moved in to a new place, and the shower was in bad shape. the water leaked, and the shower diverter only worked partially. looking closer, they where so worn out that i decided to completely replace them. the hot and cold faucets came right out, but I'm having some grief with the diverter. the center diverter stem will not come out. i have been careful not to round out the hex, and have done pretty good. it is loose and will twist, but will not come out. I've twisted it enough that if it was actually moving the threads, they would have to be 30 yards long, yet it feels like there is still something moving. i've done some gentle taping, but i cant get it free. it just spins and spins. any suggestions as to how to get the stem out? I'd greatly appreciate the help. thanks!

wanabe handyman.