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Thread: Need help with Toto model

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    Question Need help with Toto model

    I have a Kohler toilet that I want to replace with a Toto. The bolts are 12" from the wall, but there is a radiator behind the toilet that extends out 3.5". The back of the current toilet has a curved area that actually touches and pushes the radiator cover in very slightly so it is a tight fit. I can tell that I will not be able to use a skirted model but can you please advise as to what model would work. The Promenade looks the closest as the back is inset from the base, but I would like G-Max if possible. Thanks for any advice. I cannot move the radiator.

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    Default More precise question

    I have had no responses so I will ask the question another way. I have looked at specs and would like to know if anyone has a Toto Dalton and can measure the distance from the bolt on the side to the back of the toilet on the floor. It does not look from the picture as though it is 11 or 12 ". If someone can get that measurement for me, then I can figure out if the toilet will go in my space. Thanks.

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    According to the "Dalton" page of the Toto Website, it's 12". Click the link and then look in the left margin for "Quick Tools"; a link to the Spec Sheet (in PDF format) is below it.

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    With the Dalton, there is 3.75" behind from the floor to 6" high.
    Above 6" it starts to move closer to the wall.
    You may be able to have something back there.

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    Default Thanks

    Thank you so much. I think that I will be able to fit it in.


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