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Thread: Leaking valve stem

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    Default Leaking valve stem

    I have an older speakman two stem tub assembly that has a leak along one of the stems. I tried repacking the old assembly and I still had a drip coming out along the stem. I purchased a new stem assembly and I still have a drip coming out along the stem.

    My question is - should I be placing some type of liquid thread sealer or lubricant on the stem? The new valve has new packing around the stem. When I installed it I just tightened the stem packing nut (it was loose) and put the valve in the wall. Am I doing something wrong or is this possibly something else?



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    Was the valve stem in the "open" position when you screwed it on? Did you try tightening the packing nut some more? Some plumbers on this forum use a bit of teflon tape on the valve stem threads.

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    I think the valve stem was partially open, I don't like turning the valve in with the seat closed. The packing nut was still tight, but I loosened and re-tightened it and the drip stopped for a few seconds, but started again.

    I could try some teflon tape on the stem threads (good idea) and I was thinking about using some waterproof grease below the packing nut. Hopefully that will stop the leak.

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    Is it leaking when the water is off or only when you are running water? If it is leaking while the valve is off, then you may need to replace the seat. If the seat was in bad shape, you may have ruined the washer on the new stem - they can get corroded and act like broken glass and really mess up a seal quickly.

    If it is leaking only when the water is on, you might need to redo the packing. I don't think pipe sealant is used in this situation, but I'm not sure. Tape, almost certainly not.
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    It only leaks in the on position. Before attempting repacking the stem I was thinking of some plumbers waterproof grease on the stem and stem threads. It's not a large leak, just a drip so maybe this will be enough.

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