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Thread: Cabin without plumbing

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    Smile Cabin without plumbing

    I know of a cabin that has never had plumbing in it of any form, kitchen or bathroom. Could someone please advise what is would cost and involve to implement a very simplistic BUT year-round system to accomodate 2 (water conscious) people fulltime. It would have to be reliable in winter temps (average -5c but in rare circumstances as cold as -25c). There would be quite low useage (no laundry/dishwasher and river water very close for non-human usage). A well/septic field is not an option because of environmental restrictions. I am VERY inexperienced with this topic but thought perhaps a water cistern/holding tank (water delivered) and septic tank to be pumped out regulary?? All that would be required is very simple kitchen sink (to double as bathroom sink), small toilet, and very small shower (to use every other day). The amount of space required for toilet/shower "room" (neither of us are large people but small cabin) and the cost of the project are the 2 major factors regarding whether this endeavor is even feasible. Perhaps I underestimate the complexity of this question for this forum but ANY feedback would be VERY appreciated. THANKS!!

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    Contact 3 locals plumbers for estimates, there too much involved to give you any type of cost on here.
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    I agree with Plumber 2000. There is too much involved to give an informed or even a semi-accurate answer. You say that environmental restrictions disallow a well and a septic field but also mention putting in a septic tank. With the septic tank you also have a leach field to consider. Even though you're talking just a sink, shower and toilet it may be a bigger project than what you're envisioning. Get a few estimates from qualified plumbing contractors.


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    I agree with the others too. Just get some bids. You may also find they have suggestions for doing the job in different ways.

    It will also depend on the depth and placement of a well.

    I assume you don't have either an existing well or septic system, right?

    I have a very similar situation at my Dad's old cabin. It has electric, but nothing else. Not insulated, only wood heat, no water, septic, etc. Based upon bids I have gotten in the past, my job was $15K-$25K, but this is just a guess for your place. Please get the bids and talk to the plumbers.

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