After reading (lurking) forums on well sizing and geo thermal heat pumps, I have not found a central source of expertise for proper sizing a deep well to a GSHP. Standard single speed pump coupled to a good size pressure tank is old tech, but dependable. The newer variable speed pump solutions sound expensive and maybe too short of a track record. I am willing to spend a little more on electricity use if less on more costly fancy electronics and repairs for the long term cost of ownership.
So I found this forum to be the most helpful, on many topics, and thought that I would start with the expertise here.
I have a 405ft well with static level about 15ft from cap (cap sits 14in above ground and about 70ft form house). It is 6in diam. well. I will be using a Addison ( water source heat pump - 3tons. Specs list 8.6GPM at 4.7PSI/10.9Ft.HD.(?). It is an open loop system - well to GSHP to lake.
Well supplies domestic water use to house - 3.5 baths, 1 kitchen, 2 outside faucets. Well was hydro-fracted at 405ft due to only 3GPM. Drillers siad I had a good 12-15GPM.
I have not found anyone locally who will/can size this system. Most guys just say throw a 1HP of their choice and it will be fine.
Any suggestions a system solution or the right methods I can use to size this greatly appreciated.
P.S. I am the builder of this house and the owner, have a hand in everything!!! and still fightig the county to NOT hook up to their water 1000ft away! What a water bill a GSHP that would be!!
Thanks to all for suggestions!