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Thread: 1/2" PEX supply lines to Moen Shower valve

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    Those aren't "Pex" elbows. Those are sharkbites. See if your locale approves of those type of fittings in concealed locations.

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    True, they're not actually PEX elbows.. I guess I was just using them as example. The question still stands, which is, is there any reason not to use PEX elbows?

    But, a good point about the sharkbites in concealed locations. I might just have to invest in a crimper after all.

    So if you shouldn't use sharkbites and the Zurn Brass connectors have a class action lawsuit against them making me NOT want to use them, how exactly can you use PEX in a concealed location? Would you recommend the new Zurn Platic connectors? I saw a bunch of those at ******* but hadn't heard anything about them yet.

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    Sharkbites have all the national certifications for use in closed locations, but local rules might trump that...
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    Kitec, Zurn, Rehau, Durapex...
    Just a few hiccups in the world of pex...

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    Ok, and 3 years later where are we on all this? I'm in the planning stages of a PEX install although my older more wise neighbor suggests I go with copper because it is tried and tested. I'm going with PEX regardless, but 3 years later, how should I connect to the shower valves?

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    If the valve is supported in the wall, you can use PEX adapters to the valve body. I normally use copper on the valve, support it, and then run PEX to that.

    Any tub spout must be full size pipe, Copper, or brass threaded fittings.
    PEX and PEX fittings will restrict too much on a diverter tub spout.

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