Hello from the noob,

I am finishing up the construction of my new home here on the west coast of Florida.
I would lke opinions from you regarding my plans for my on site domestic well water supply.

* 120' 4'' well w/1hp submersible pump set at 95'
* 8' static head level
* Well produces +/- 25gpm
* Water quality is good, no iron but typ florida sulfer content
* Well drawn water will pass thorugh a large DE filter to a 250gal aeretor storage tank
* 2nd submersible pump hanging within storage tank/to 60gal pre-charged bladder tank/Kentico water softener/1 1/4'' cycle stop valve/back check valve
* I plan on installing a high & low water level float switch in the storage tank

My questions would be, do they make a bracket that supports the submersible pump located in the storage tank? I guess that if the pump in the well hangs on the drop pipe, I can be assured that the hanging the 2nd pump in the tank would be trouble free?

What would you recommend for a chloinator? I'm thinking about chlorinating the water in/at the storage tank. Drinking/cooking water will be passing through a RO unit & carbon filter. Chlorination would at a very minimum, just to help keep bacteria count down.

Thanks for any support.