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    First let me say, it has been a while since I've read the IPC 2009 or 2012, and I am not a plumber, nor am I involved in trying to plumb anything at the moment.

    So, as a consultant for investors and banks, part of my daily tasks are to inspect construction drawings (typically on 3-6 story apartment buildings), make sure the Scope of Work for the building meets the loan amount, and identify discrepancies which may cause Change Orders which would delay the project and/or add costs to the job. In no way am I responsible for means and methods, nor am I even on the design team. Most of my time is spent in the Architectural and Structural sections.

    However, I seem to recall something about wet venting only being allowed for bathroom stacks, and I constantly see kitchen sinks with dishwashers and washing machines connecting to risers running straight through the roof and each fixture tied into the riser at each floor. When the sinks are in islands and the horizontal branch drain is long enough, I'll see the standard AAV, but otherwise, these fixtures all seem to be wet vented to me.

    Now most construction issues end up being caught in field, and the rare issue I notice that the contractor does not fix, especially after city inspection approval, isn't going to be fixed just because I bring it up in a report. However, for my own purposes/peace of mind, could someone tell me when exactly different fixtures are allowed to be wet vented per IPC 2009/2012 (the two variants in the region I cover) and how much you would charge (round number) per apt unit in a change order if you knew you'd have to add venting to a riser during construction to a building that didn't show it in the plans?

    Thank you very much.
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