The End of Plumbing as We Know it.

Discussion in 'Joke of the day' started by fullysprinklered, Apr 15, 2017.

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    Jun 15, 2014
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    Just saw an ad for Sani-Stick. This is a product that is shaped like, and has similar dimensions like a swizzle stick. You drop it down the drain and it lodges itself in the p-trap and exudes some sort of lubricant that keeps the drains running free and clear. The wife called me in to the LR and re-ran the ad for me. I LMAO.
    Couple of years ago I had a service call down in Marietta in a swanky office building. The sink in the kitchen area of the breakroom was clogged up. I pulled the p-trap down and found myself looking at twenty-seven swizzle sticks jammed into the trap. I showed it to the lady in charge and she threw up her hands and immediately began composing a memo. Must have worked as I haven't been back.

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