View Full Version : Door Threshold need Gasket w/1 round bead, 1 triangular.Problem w/new metal

08-16-2012, 07:32 PM
The rubber gasket on my front door threshold is torn up, and I can't find a replacement. It has one triangular edge that locks into the slot, and the other edge is a round bead -- the current Frost King thresholds have a triangular edge on both sides (Also, the 1966 aluminum extrusion is twice as thick as the current ones...).

Anyone familiar with this gasket shape & where I could find a replacement?

Since the distance from floor to bottom of door edge is 1", I bought a new 1" high threshold. The door will not close; the gasket sticks up too far.

So I bought the next size down, 3/4", and it is too low; there is a 1/8" gap.

Removing the door & shaving it down seems like considerably more work than trying to fit a 1/8" riser under the low one. Not sure what I can use that is waterproof and only about 1/8" thick. Hard masonite maybe, but that's not stocked by the local stores.

The original threshold seems to have the same height metal (floor to flat part of plate) as the new 1". Maybe 1/32 shorter. The new metal is 3/4" + 1/16" high. I can't see enough difference to cause the new one to bind, if the gasket rises the same distance on both. So the difference must be in the gasket.

EDIT: Maybe I can glue something on the bottom edge of the door & use the lower threshold... It would be tedious to get it positioned just right, and to figure out the size & shape to get a good seal against the lower gasket...