View Full Version : Rather wall mount than upflush

08-21-2005, 09:32 AM
Hello, I am adding a toilet to a ground floor (on slab) laundryroom. There is a horizontal stretch of soil pipe in the wet wall that I can tap into for the new toilet. Problem is the center line of the soil pipe is 11 1/2" above the finished floor. American Standard's "Glenwall" wall mount has a 4 1/8" waste port center line. I could raise the toilet 7 3/8" to meet the existing in-wall pipe but this would put the bowl rim at 21 7/8" which is above most people's comfort height. The laundryroom is small and the tile floor will eventually slope to a drain in the middle. A built-up floor platform/pedestel for the toilet would create a traffic flow and floor drainage impediment, not to mention the jury rig look of it. I want to avoid this solution if possible. One of SaniFlo's upflush toilets would do the trick but given their price it seems like overkill just to raise the discharge 7 3/8". MY QUESTION IS: is there a wall or floor mount unit on the market, handicap style or otherwise, with a higher discharge port on the back? Even a couple inches would help bring the bowl rim down to a more conventional height. My first entry here at Terry Love's excellant site. Hope somebody has a solution. Thanks. Marco

08-22-2005, 10:53 AM
Caroma has the Wallvit that uses a 8.25" high outlet.