View Full Version : Air bath whirlpool tubs????

07-09-2009, 06:49 AM
These air bath tubs seem to be becoming more popular, they bubble air up through the water. Plumbing showrools have more in stock than regular whirlpool tubs, even tho (I think) they cost more (why? thats another question) .

One manufacturer's installation instructions have a note in user section about "cold air sensation"even tho the air is heated. They say it bothers some people. Kinda defeats the purpose to me.
HAs anyone used one of these tubs, or heard complaints about them?? Wonder if its a fad , like vessel vanity sinks.

07-09-2009, 09:51 AM
The action isn't as vigorous as a jetted tub, but it is good. I have one. Bought it verses a jetted tub primarily because of the reduced maintenance requirements and no risk of pump damage if turned on without enough water in the tub.

Depending on the model, it may not have an actual heater. On mine, it does heat the air by virtue of two actions: compressing the air concentrates the energy (which makes it hotter - ever felt a bicycle tire pump after filling one up?), and air cooling the turbine motor; it does not have a dedicated, in-line heater like in a whirlpool. The thing is designed to get air that is at least 70-degrees, and there must be a vent large enough to supply the air.

When the air expands, there's less heat per volume, so it does cool off. I start with the water hotter, and it's still comfortable after (my) normal 20-minute cycle with the air on.

A side benefit of an air tub is even if used for a shower, you can have it 'blow-dry' itself when done. There's no stagnant water left in the pipes and pump. A second issue is there's no restriction on oils, fragrances, or bubbles that you can use which would play hell with a whirlpool. Mine is from www.jasoninternational.com.

07-09-2009, 04:49 PM
Jason's manual for their air tubs says dont ever put water above 40 degrees c in it, (thats only 104 degrees F) or it will damage the acrylic!!!!
Think that is a missprint. 104 is cool water to me.