View Full Version : Fiberglass tub surround

05-13-2005, 09:04 AM
Any tips on cutting a fiberglass tub surround? My bathroom window is orientated such that it overhangs into the area where the tub surround will go. The fiberglass tub surround is a 5 piece heavy duty style. I was going to attempt to leave the window trim off and just cut around the window opening, but then I would have to shave off some material on the window trim to get it to look right. I am going to put the window trim back on, transfer the dimensions to a piece of cardboard and then transfer those dimensions to the fiberglass piece. Jigsaw with a fine blade? These cuts need to be extremely straight!

05-13-2005, 12:27 PM
You are going to want a good sealant around the window where it meets the insert, even then you are possibly facing future water problems. I would use one of the marine sealants.

My preference would be to use a jigsaw with a fine or medium down stroke blade, not ease to find but available. And, I would mask tape the area being cut. The down stroke blades are used when cutting laminates. I just broke the last one I had, so have to start looking around also.

And, did I mention, measure 10 times and cut once.