View Full Version : Another Muriatic Acid question...

07-24-2007, 11:09 AM
Hi Everybody

I've read all the directions and precautions about how to clean out and restore toilets using Muriatic Acid, but I have a few concerns.

I have PVC piping throughout my house, and the overflow pipe inside the toilet tank is plastic. Will the Muriatic Acid damage the PVC pipes when I flush the acid out of the toilet? Will it disintegrate or melt the overflow pipe in the toilet tank? My house is 30 years old. I heard that PVC piping in the 1970's was made differently (perhaps not as well) as PVC piping today.

I am also on city water. Will flushing out Muriatic Acid do harm to the city water treatment plant or pollute the water?

The water where I live at is very hard and full of lime. The rings around the toilet and the calcium buildup in the trapway just laugh at Limeaway and CLR. People in my development have to end up replacing their toilets every 20 years because they get so limed up.

Many thanks in advance. I have learned so much about household plumbing by reading through the treads.