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View of Pelton Basin from Cascade Pass in July 1985

Looking East toward Pelton Basin from Cascade Pass

Cascade Pass, crossed by Native Americans, explorers, prospectors and now a multitude of day and overnight hikers.

9/19/97 Terry Love
A clear and sunny morning, Bruce and I arrived at the parking lot of the Cascade Pass hike. To the pass and back is about 7 miles. A climb of 1800 feet. From the parking lot looms large and formidable Mount Johannesburg. We both sling on our packs and head up the easy grade to the Pass. After ten minutes on the trail we hear a loud crashing of rocks. Peering through a gap in the trees at Mount Johannesburg, we see a large section of glacier at least 400 feet across and 100 feet deep and thick break off with a continuing roar and start it's smashing way down the steep side of the mountain flowing like a river carrying rocks and ice on it's way.  On the last traverse, the trail breaks out into the open and Mount Johannesburg is near, seeming to fill the view to the West.

At the Pass,  the view opens to the East, looking far into Eastern Washington. A small stone patio with log benches allows people to gather, eat lunch and enjoy the view of the Glaciers above Pelton Basin. To the left, the trail heads up the ridge to Sahale Arm, 1200 feet higher than the pass.

Views of Eldorado Peak, Boston Peak, Mix-up Peak,

Terry Love

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