Residential Water Hammer

The use of engineered water hammer arresters is not a new concept in the plumbing industry. Engineers have been specifying arresters on new commercial projects for many years to protect the plumbing system from damaging pressure surges caused by quick-closing valves and faucets. However, installing this same type of arrester on new residential construction has never really been considered an option because of the historically high cost of this commercial type of product.

Problem areas

Water hammer is definitely a force to be reckoned with in any piping system... industrial, commercial, and certainly residential. High pressure surges from quick closing solenoid valves on dishwashers and washing machines, and even tub/shower valves and faucets, can cause premature failure of water heaters, valves, seals, joints, and pipes.


For many years, state and local code officials have tried to address the problem of water hammer at the residential level with air chambers, which have been the only affordable solution known to them. But now, Sioux Chief Mfg. has developed the Mini-Rester water hammer arrester specifically designed and priced for the residential market. Unlike air chambers that waterlog within a few weeks, the Mini-Rester is guaranteed to control water hammer for the life of the plumbing system just like its commercial sized counterpart, the Sioux Chief Hydra-Rester.

Code Compliance

Now contractors can afford to install a high quality, permanent solution to the problem of water hammer without paying the high cost of a commercial sized product. As a matter of fact, a few areas of the country have enacted new plumbing codes that now require arresters on all new residential construction.

The State of Wisconsin was the pioneer of this residential arrester code concept. Like many other states, they had required plain air chambers for the control of water hammer, but over the years they realized that air chambers were not a permanent solution. So in 1988, the code was changed to incorporate arresters into all new houses plumbed in the state.

AA Rated

Recently, the American Society of Sanitary Engineering has published a new revision of their ASSE 1010 Arrester Standard which now includes a residential size arrester referred to as AA ("double A"). The Mini-Rester was specifically designed to fit this category. Sioux Chief recommends the installation of AA arresters at the point of use on all dishwashers, washing machines, and tub/ shower valves at the very least. Arresters can be installed on other problem fixtures if necessary.

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The top row consists of the:

Laundry Mini, #660-H,.. 
1/2" male sweat mini, # #660-S
tub & shower mini.#660-TS

The bottom row shows the:

1/2" MIP mini. #660-2...

Many hardware stores carry these

The washing machine solenoid valves are a typical cause of water hammer as are the ones on dishwashers and icemakers.

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Why the new water arresters
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