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A wide variety of installations are possible with a HYDRO SWIRL bath. The ones shown below are typical, but there are many ways of framing the support area. Because of this, the bath must be present at the JOB SITE during the framing procedures.
Find the Hydro Swirl model you have in the chart below and follow the recommended framing dimensions.

Hydro Swirl Bath Specifications
CAMANO/6032 60" 32-3/4" 21-1/8" 19-1/2" 58" X 31"
WHIDBEY/6036 59-7/8" 36-3/16" 21-1/8" 19-1/2" 59" X 35"
SHAW/6042 59-1/2" 42" 17-7/8" 16-1/4" 58-3/4" X 41"
BLAKELY/4260 59-7/8" 42-1/8" 21-1/8" 19-1/2" 59" X 41"
ORCAS/6048 59-7/8" 48-1/8" 22-1/8" 20-1/2" 59" X 47"
SINCLAIR/6636 66-1/4" 35-7/8" 21-1/8" 19-1/2" 65" X 35"
LOPEZ/7236 71-7/8" 36-1/4" 21-1/8" 19-1/2" 71" X 35"
VASHON/7242 71-3/4" 42-1/8" 21-1/8" 19-1/2" 71" X 41"
DECATUR/4272 71-5/8" 42" 22-1/8" 20-1/2" 71" X 41"

Before installation, plan and provide for sufficient clearance for access to make final connections. Also, PLAN AND ALLOW FOR ACCESS/SERVICE PANEL IN THE EVENT PUMP/MOTOR REQUIRES SERV1CING. Hydro Swirl requires an 18" X 18" access panel for service requirements. Provide the necessary space around the pump for future inspection and servicing of the unit, and provide an air vent (usually through the access panel) to properly ventilate and cool the pump/motor space during operation.

Check to ensure that the floor structure can support 150 lbs./square foot (732.27 kilograms per square meter) and is reasonably level.

In constructing the supporting enclosure into which the bath will go, check dimensions of your tub to ensure that the bath will be fully supported by both the rim and the bottom supports. The bath is NOT designed to be HUNG 8Y THE RIM and MUST BE FULLY SUPPORTED ALONG THE ENTIRE LENGTH OF THE BOTTOM. If finishing materials and accessories are to overlap or contact the bath, the added weight must be fully self-supporting.

IMPORTANT Baths purchased with optional sheetrock nailing flange must be supported along the entire rim, the sheetrock nailing flange is not for rim support. It is a water seal.

Hydro Swirl baths are designed for proper drainage and have an attached self-leveling platform. The platform will be fairly level front to back and side to side, but may require some shimming for full support. Level the top surface, which supports the bath rim, in both directions, and then shim the bottom platform so that it is supported along its entire length.

My favorite method is to frame the tub support box to allow about an inch clearance under the bottom of the tub. Just before the tub is set into place, spread mortar mix on the floor in small piles. I place a few piles under the tub and when it's dropped down, it spreads them out. You're adding some support, not a full support. Putting some water in the tub will help to "hold" the tub into the mortar mix.
Terry Love


See top of terminal compartment box; next to pump motor, for correct wiring diagram. Incorrect wiring voids warranty and may damage the pump motor.

Typical Wiring Diagram

WARNING - IMPROPER GROUNDING CAN RESULT IN SERIOUS ELECTRICAL SHOCK. Be sure to connect the proper equipment grounding conductor. Always follow National, State, and Local Electrical Codes. CAUTION -- No modifications, additions or deletions should be made to the pump, whirlpool system, or bath. To do otherwise may void all warranties. DO NOT USE WRENCH ON UNION COUPLING OR OVERTIGHTEN SAME.


1. Remove all construction residue and foreign materials.

2. Check pump area to assure adequate cooling air in motor compartment to prevent overheating of motor.

3. All connections and fittings should be checked for tightness before filling bath.

Fill tub 3" or more above the highest let, check for leaks, and operate whirlpool system for at least 15 minutes. Check for leaks, damage, and proper operation BEFORE closing in the bath, to satisfy warranty. Warranty DOES NOT cover damages to property, labor or materials to remove or re-install the bath unit.


THERAPEUTIC HYDROTHERAPY action by properly placed jets is extremely relaxing and can, when used correctly, be very beneficial to everyone. However, for those not used to hydrotherapy units, we recommend you start with short periods of 10 minutes or less, and gradually extend the time.

WARNING -- Before using the Hydro Swirl bath remove all construction residue and foreign materials.

1. Close the drain and fill the tub with water. Water level must be 3" above the highest jet before turning on. Serious damage to the pump can result if operated without water in tub.

2. Wall timer (supplied): For units purchased with the optional air activated on/off switch, see instructions following User Maintenance section.

(a) After filling tub with water at desired temperature (mix of hot and cold water) turn timer in a clockwise direction to turn whirlpool on. The timer has a 30-minute maximum span of time. The whirlpool system will automatically turn off after the time you've preset expires.

b) You may turn off the whirlpool at any time you wish, simply turn timer knob in a counter-clockwise direction to the off position.

3. Jets: Each jet can be directed, placing your finger inside jet opening and moving with firm finger pressure to direction of water flow desired. Turning nozzle in will decrease flow and pressure.

WARNING -- Never block off all jets. Backpressure will shoot water out of the air controls, and will overload Pump and cause pump failure.

4. Air Controls: The air and water action coming out of the jets can be adjusted, i.e., increase/decrease of pressure, by turning the air control knob(s), at the top of tub. Clockwise turn decrease water action, counter-clockwise increases water action.

5. If Hydro Swirl bath was purchased with optional In-line Heater, please see instructions following User Maintenance section.

6. The whirlpool system is designed to drain nearly completely after use. However, there remains a minimal amount of water in the system after use and draining. Most of the residual water in the piping system evaporates in time.

7. In the unlikely event the whirlpool system does not start when turning the timer or air switch on, check the GFCI circuit breaker for being in the tripped off position. Leave the timer in the on position and reset the circuit breaker. If it trips off again, DO NOT USE, and call an electrician for proper repair.

8. CAUTION -- For important safety information please read, carefully, the instructions pertaining to a risk of fire, electric shock, or injury to persons, at the beginning of this guide.


The surface of the Hydro Swirl bathtub is a special finish of acrylic. While extremely durable, and easy to maintain, this surface will be damaged if subjected to abrasive cleaners and to certain cleaning fluids. USE NON-ABRASIVE LIQUID CLEANERS ONLY.

If tub surface should dull, due to a chemical or cleaning compound, an excellent liquid polisher is a product called "Gel Gloss". It should restore the shine to the surface.

If necessary to clean drain, ensure that drain cleaner does not stand on tub surface -- wash it off thoroughly.

CLEANING THE WHIRLPOOL SYSTEM -- The whirlpool system should be purged at 3 to 4 month intervals. The following procedure is recommended:

Fill bath with hot water only (just enough to run whirlpool system). Add to hot water, two teaspoons of low foaming electric dishwasher detergent, such as Cascade or Calgonite. Run the whirlpool system for 10-15 minutes. Drain the bath completely. Fill the bath with cold water only. Run the system for 5-10 minutes. Drain the bath completely. The whirlpool action magnifies the foaming properties of soap. Small amounts of low foaming bath crystals can be used during operation. Mineral bath salts, such as Epsom salts, will not harm the pump or fittings. However, we recommend the bath be filled with fresh water after every ten consecutive mineral baths and run for ten minutes to flush out any solid residue which may build up.


Your Hydro Swirl bath carries a one (1) year warranty on the pump/motor, bathtub, and piping system, against manufacturing defect. Contact the factory for service on your warranty. (See warranty information card.)



1. Select a location that is convenient for user operation and easily accessible for service. 2. When tub surface mounting air transmitter, a 1'/4" diameter hole will be required. PRESSURE SWITCH

1. Mount pressure switch on stud or other convenient location near pump, but no more than 15' from transmitter.

NOT~: Unit supplied with 6' of air hose.

2. Connect air hose from transmitter to the pressure switch. Make sure the hose is not kinked. 3. Follow wiring instructions for pressure switch supplied with switch (see below). 4. Insure that the control system is functioning properly before enclosing tub. OPERATION (Typical ON/OFF)

The control system works on a sealed air displacement principal. As the air transmitter button is depressed and released, sealed air is displaced and transmitted through the interconnecting air hose to the pressure sensitive electrical switch, which completes the electrical circuit. The circuit will remain energized until the air transmitter button is depressed and released again.

To operate tub, fill with water 3" over jets. Press and release air transmitter button once to turn on pump. To turn pump off when bathing is completed, depress and release air transmitter once and drain tub. CAUTION: To avoid damage to this device or the equipment being controlled, do not cycle rapidly.



1. The maximum recommended temperature is 104 degrees F. (20 degrees C.). Fifteen minutes per soak is the recommended maximum time at 104 degrees F., prolonged immersion in water hotter than 104 degrees F. may induce Hypothermia which is an increase in body temperature. This can be a medically serious condition and all bath users are cautioned against lengthy immersion at high water temperatures. Should you become light-headed, dizzy, or nauseous, immediately get out of the bath and cool off.

Persons with serious illness, heart disease, diabetes, high or low blood pressure, and pregnant women should not enter the bath without prior consultation with their doctor.

Never use the bath if under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The hot water will dangerously increase the effects of these substances. INSTALLATION


All installations require connection to a supply circuit that is protected by a ground fault interrupter. The timer control

(ON/OFF switch) provided must be located a minimum of five feet from the edge of the tub or where it cannot be reached by the bather in the tub. (Consult your local electrical codes.) To do otherwise creates a serious safety hazard to the bather.

All Hydro Swirl whirlpool baths with the in-line heater option require a separate 115 VAC 20 amp circuit (separate from and in addition to the 115 VAC 20 amp circuit provided for the pump system), for the in-line heater. A ground fault circuit interrupter must protect this circuit.

Grounding is required, the pump motor and heater housing are bonded together and proper equipment grounding must be connected to the grounding connection provided.

OPERATION: The in-line heater is pre-wired and tested at the factory. There is a flow switch that protects the heater; the heater will only work when the pump is running. After turning on the timer (ON/OFF switch) for the whirlpool system, set the timer for the in-line heater to the desired length of time. The time will automatically shut off when preset time expires. The heater has an adjustable thermostat and manual reset high limit with indicator light. You may adjust the temperature on the heater by turning the knob clockwise for higher temperature and counter-clockwise for lower. If the heater should reach the high limit it will automatically shut off. Push the button marked "Push to Reset" to reset the high limit shut off. You must do this before the heater will restart. If the heater will not reset DO NOT USE and call a qualified service representative. If the high limit shut off is reset and then goes off again after a period of time, call a qualified service representative and have the unit checked.


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