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 "Out From Underneath"  

DIG CD from Out From Underneath
Dig CD review 
Out From Underneath "Dig"
1- Follow
2- Easychair
3- How low
4- Papers
5- Hey
6- Sometimes
7- Late in the day
8- Later in the day
9- Happy
10- WTP "Walking through the park"
11- Speak to me
12- Down the road
13- Happy acoustic
Transistions CD from Out From Underneath
Transistions CD review 
Recorded at Synergy Studios
Out From Underneath "Transistions"
1-Tempted by the Gun
2-24 Days
3-I feel
4-It Ain't Right
6-Pick Up Yourself
8-Through My Eyes
9-Much More
Webcast CD from Out From Underneath
Webcast Movie Soundtrack 
Webcast Movie Soundtrack

1- Webcast
2- Excuses
3- Over
4- Waste
5- With you
6- Finished
7- Happy
8- Down the road
9- I feel
10- Addicted
11- Walking through the park (Reprise)
12- (hidden track)

Jamie's side project included the vocals on two tracks of the LITEFOOT REDVOLUTION CD



Rap singer Litefoot, has a nice article in the Seattle times by Kriss Chaumont

Being a rapper and actor ("Indian in the Cupboard," "Adaptation") has brought the Bellevue artist Litefoot (also known as Gary Paul Davis) fame and success.

Two songs on the Redvolution CD has local singer and songwriter Jamie Love singing vocals.

Track 6, (Sometimes)
Track 3 (Free from the lies)


Music video from the movie Webcast
Jamie Love and Hilary Monrean






March 15th 2009
the band Out From Underneath 
was voted best Rock Band

We recorded a theme song for a MTV2 reality show
OFU and Idlemine combined on it.

IFor those of you in Alaska that saw us play in September
we had a great time.  Anchorage is always fun.
It's a beautiful place to visit, and look forward to coming back.

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Star Bulletin
January 5, 2006


Filming the Webcast Video, Part 1
The first day of filming on the Kirkland waterfront
with Hilary the band, camera crew and producer.


"Making the video" Columbia City Theater Video Shoot with Hilary Mesnick.
Footage taken of the crowd shots. It was a fun day, more going on then just the video. It was more like a party. This YouTube video runs about 10 minutes and includes many closeups of the people in the video. If you are on this page to see Hilary, this is a good youtube video to watch. You see a bit of her personality here. It does look a lot better on DVD though, if you would like a copy, just send an email to: