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Hey Give me a call Jeff. 281-658-9195
I am in Deep Down In the Heart of TEXAS
Retired Master Plumber
I like what you Post
A new law firm contacted me Thursday to go to Brooklyn NY and diagnose what caused a 2 year old to become severely scalded

This will be an easy case to win as this apartment building is relatively new and the water spiked to over 161 DEG F
The is a conversation and not posted. I left more comments and I'll not be able to reply any additional comments fore I'm leaving for a seven day cruise out of Port Canaveral.
Taylor and I are in the process of doing some major software upgrades to the forums. It may take a few days, or not, to get this fully integrated. Thanks for your patience. Terry Love
If you could pin a download of isometric graph paper that users could print it might, maybe, perhaps lead to an upgrade of drawings of layouts.
Were you successful in getting the dome out of your Brito? Same issue here and can’t see how that can come out the top of the valve body.
Hi Jad, I saw a post where you were helping with noises around the shower valve. Just had my bathroom remodeled and when i turn the water on it was very loud(like pressure) when going from cold to hot. I took the shower head off and it resolved the noise. How do I shop for a shower head that doesn't have the feature that causes the issue? Thank you so much for your time.
can back to back toilets be plumbed with double wye but have 45 street l facing up
You can, but remember that the standard rough-in is 12" from the finished wall. I think that a street 45 pointing up will put it too close to the wall.
Warman AH,HH,M,L slurry pumps, AHR Rubber Slurry pumps, SP,SPR Vertical slurry pumps, G,GH Gravel dredge pumps, TJQ Submersible slurry pumps
Hi, I just saw your post! Yes I had AB Hoxie here also. We're in the same boat -- did you have Asa install? I am pretty sure he put in WAY too much solution. I've had him back here a couple of times but he hasn't been much help to be honest straightening it out.
Are you on IM somewhere? If not feel free to email me, -- I'd appreciate knowing what you end up utilizing with this stuff. Thanks
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