Well pump pressure tank location outdoors ?

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I have a domestic water well that is no longer in use having switched to city water prior to my house ownership. All of the well equipment was left connected.
I was in this forum a year or so ago troubleshooting the pump and getting advice on a few things related to it.
Since my house has city water I originally wanted to revive the well pump, tank etc and use it solely to run an irrigation system. When I tried to pump water from the well to the tank in the house there was no water at the house. I pulled the pump to clean it and it is pumping water ok. Leaves me with the line from the pump to the house being broken.

I dug down to the outside of the casing where the pitless came through and couldn't see any major leaks there so disconnected the line to the house (since it was no good) and connected PVC to make a stand pipe to the surface of the yard with a thread fitting at the end to easily connect other pipes etc in future.

Rather than dig up my yard to find the break....and since I don't want to spend a lot....I thought maybe I could put the unused pressure tank outside near to the well head and run a new line from the stand pipe I put in and attach it to the newly located pressure tank. Then route the electrical from the shutoff for the pump that is in the basement out to the tank and pressure switch.

The pump would then run, filling the tank, until the pressure tank switch is triggered shutting off the pump power.....that's what usually happens isn't it ?
On the other side of the tank the irrigation would be connected on a timer manifold with outlets for four zones so the pump and tank would be used on a timer for the irrigation, four zones opertating individually for twenty minutes each, twice a day.

Then, later in the season I would "close" the outdoor set up since I am in New England and blow the line out and drain the tank. I was planning to build a wooden enclosure with a roof to keep the weather out.

Does anyone see any issues with this plan...or does anyone know if this is somehow against code ?

Does this make sense...anyone see any pitfalls to doing this and am I completely nuts ?



Cary Austin
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Lubbock, Texas
Really all you need to do is tee the tank with pressure switch into the line going out to the stand pipe. No need to run a new line. Just make sure every sprinkler zone uses enough water to keep the pump from shutting off. The pump needs to run continuously while the sprinklers are on, and it needs to switch from one zone to the next quickly as the pump should also not shut off between zones. If you need to use garden hoses or cannot match all sprinkler zones to the size of the pump, adding a Cycle Stop Valve would keep the pump running no matter how much water is being used.
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