Weird and frustrating septic problem....

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Don't know if this goes here but I didn't see a section for septic tanks initially. So here I go.

I'll start with details about the construction:

> House is in Southern NC around Charlotte.

> House was built in the 1970's

>House has a septic tank.

> House is on well water.

> House was built on a slab. No crawl space underneath.

> We re-did the plumbing on the house about 4ish years ago when the well water started to eat at the copper pipes. Converted to Pex above ceiling. Job was professionally done not DIY.

> Septic Tank was pumped about 5 years after the previous owner sold the house to us and supposedly pumped it before the sale.

Now on to the problem:

> Since the first time I've had the take pumped my self. I have needed to have the tank pumped once every 6 months.

> There is standing water in my back yard.

> The toilet closest to the output to the septic tank keeps clogging with something. Or water from my septic take is backing up into the toilet. (I only say the last part because I have snaked this toilet my self and found no debris after pulling the snake.)

> The above mentioned problems happen about every 6 months hence why I have had to get it pumped.

> The septic guy I have come out has told me my problem can't possibly be the leach field because I have "GOOD SOIL."

> After last year finally getting the septic guy to look at my leach field, he finally discovered that the previous owner had disconnected the original leach field and made their own. In another spot. He connected my septic tank to the original leach field and removed a blockage. He also Patched where the previous owner's DIY leach field was connected.

> 6-8 months later I start noticing standing water after heavy rains, but now over the tank where the DIY leach field was and over the original leach field. Call up the septic guy again he says there can't possibly be an issue with my leach field because I have "GOOD SOIL."

>Now this week the toilet closest to the septic tank outlet is backing up and over flowing.

> Septic guy is coming out to drain the tank tomorrow. I'm asking him to take a look at the leach field.

> I know I have small leak on the flapper valve with the toilet in question. (Dropped some food dye in the tank. bowl starts to turn color in about 20min). The flapper valve isn't seated perfectly. I get the feeling the previous owner grabbed the wrong size flapper valve for a replacement. Already replacing it tomorrow.

> Septic guy says that the leak from the flapper valve could be causing the tank to fill up quickly, but I don't 100% buy it. I'd figure if the leach field was working correctly it could handle draining a small leak from a single toilet.

> Lets assume the leak is about .2gal per 20 min that is (24hrs x 60 min) / 20min = 15 gal/day. 15gal/day x 30 days/month on average x 6 months > 2700gallons. (again rough estimates)

> No other tubs toilets or sinks experience this backing up. I have snaked the tub nearest the toilet in the same bathroom just to make sure that I didn't miss any thing when I snaked the toilet.

Question is... Is my Septic guy right or do I need to find a new Septic guy? Also if he's wrong what could be the issue.


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Previous owners wouldn't abandon a drain field for no good reason. I would have the drain field scoped with a camera to see if there's issues. I suspect the drain fields have failed.


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1. Previous owner may have neglected to get the tank pumped, and the leach field clogged.

2. Turn off the stop valve that feeds the toilet that has the leaky flapper. Time how long it takes for the water to drop 3 inches. Then measure how much water it takes to return the water level to where it was.

3. It is possible that the water will not drop 3 inches. It probably will, but if it does not, we will have more info for you.

Jeff H Young

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there is a problem in the leach field no doubt. G renolds is correct the old drainfield was abandoned for a reason dont be so shy about replacing a flapper .
Perk Test Im pretty sure is required when modifying the system I agree 100 percent with fitter30!
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