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Hello everyone,

Long time listener, first time caller here. This forum has taught me so much through the years and I'm really appreciative of all of the posts, feedback, and community engagement.

I am putting together a simple layout for a 3 piece (commercial) bathroom and the local office here requires a simple plumbing plan before my GC can pull a permit. I was playing around with Quickplumb as it seemed to be able to do what I needed (simple) fairly easily. However, when laying out the plumbing it wouldn't let me connect the WC trap arm to the 3" stack which also services the lav.

I just wanted to check with y'all to see if it was just user error (I'm still learning the app for sure) or if there was a code reason for not connecting the arm to the stack in this configuration. (I had just planned to use a sanT below the sanT for the lav). I've attached my crude floor layout as well as the 3D rendering for reference (again, ignore the downsized vent as it will be 3" all the way up / out).

Appreciate the help and looking forward to hearing any feedback you might have. Thanks!


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