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Our new Florida patio home has the water heater in the garage. It takes about 70 seconds for hot water to reach the kitchen sink. I would like to remedy that by installing a Watts recirculating pump on the water heater with an associated mixing valve under the sink. However, I don’t understand the piping on top of the water heater.

Attached are two pictures. This appears to be a cross connection for some reason but I don’t know what it does. Can I simply remove it when I install the Watts pump on the hot water discharge line?


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Depending on where you live, a tempering valve may be required...it is where I live.

Also, while often not plumbed separately, things like a dishwasher can benefit from having hotter water than is allowed by code for the remaining fixtures in the house...well, a washing machine can have super hot water to it as well.

A hotter WH can kill some bacteria that normally can grow in a more tepid location.

A hotter WH acts like a larger capacity WH at a slightly less efficient heat loss. The bigger the temperature differential, the more heat leaks out, and this is one reason why newer WH have better/thicker insulation than older ones.

One other thing...it's fairly easy to tighten a female threaded fitting on CPVC pipe more than ideal. This can lead to it eventually splitting. If you need to use a threaded fitting to CPVC (or PVC), going into a male metal fitting tends to be more reliable. THen, there's a restriction on how far from the WH you can plumb plastic pipe, but that applies to gas fired ones, not electric, that I'm aware of.
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