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About 6 years ago we replaced our tub with a ASB Firenze soaking tub, with surround. At the time we did not read any reviews and thought we were getting a good tub. Since then the first year we had cracks starting to form where you sit, it did not leak so I ignored it, but then that one started to spread, and another one started, where you stand for the shower.
A couple of questions.
I don't know what kind of material this is made of, seems like plastic, but I don't assume that this can be fixed or patched.
I had a plumber come in and he was going to get me a price for an Americast tub,
He stated that my surround probably could not be used again, and that my only option would be to either go with the surround that comes with the new tub or go with tile.
He quoted me the job, of rip out of existing tub, and surround, new plumbing valves, new americast tub 60x32, installing 6"x3" tile around tub,, and new Toto Drake toilet. His quote came in at just under $7,000.
Does this seem kind of high??
And is there a way to repair my existing "plastic" tub.?
Or should I be able to use my surround with another tub?


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WE cannot answer ANY of your questions without actually being there to do our own evaluation. Many times a "fiberglass repair" company can fix the tub and the patch will be completely invisiible.


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Most non-cast iron tubs and shower bases will last MUCH longer if you embed them in something solid like mortar. Otherwise, you get exactly what you're seeing...stress cracking from the constant flexing. Remove the flexing, and that tub could last decades. I do not know of a good way to repair that tub, and even if you did, it would recur unless you could get some support underneath which is often hard, but not always. SOme companies can repair some of the stuff, but it's hard to get a good repair outside of the factory.

Pricing is always variable based on where you live (parts of MA are quite expensive), who you ask, and the materials used. WHen tile is involved, the price can vary huge amounts depending on what is used. Tile can cost anywhere from less than a $1/sqft to several hundred, and that's just the tile cost, not the prep or installation.

On many tubs, the surrounds are designed to interlock with the flange on the tub...there is no set standard, so unless it was designed for it, it probably would not make a successful marriage. There's a very slight chance, but I wouldn't count on it, especially if you change manufacturers.
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