Toilet just fills up and then will slowly drain but nothing will gown down but water.

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When I flush my toilet it fills up to the rim with water. It will then drain slowly but not even a piece of toilet paper will go down the drain. I've tried plunging it and nothing is coming up like it had a clog. I plunged and flushed about 30 times. I then did the soap and hot water method. Sometimes when I pour the water in it would flush like normal just from adding the water but when I try and flush again it is doin the same thing. So I tried the soap and hot water method again and poured it slowly to not cause it to flush. I let it sit 20 min add more water and repeat about 3 times. Then when I flush it will flush normal one time and then when I try to flush it a second time and it does the same thing again. I've tried plunging with the soapy hot water in there but I cannot get it to flush normally more then once. My other toilet works fine and so do all the drains in my house. Any suggestions would be helpful I'm a disabled veteran and only get paid one time a month and I do not have the money for a plumber.
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