Setting up an iron filter so the backflush is from a different source

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Washington state
I am trying to learn the things i need to be able to set up a water storage tank on my very low output well. The well water has a lot of iron in it, which is currently being removed by a kinetico water softener. This works but the heads plug up with iron residue every couple years and have to be rebuilt. I have to add a storage tank. I want to put a air-oxidizing iron filter before the storage, so i'm not having to crawl into that tank every couple years to clean the iron sludge out of the bottom. I've been told that's not the simplest way to do it. But I really, really, hate crawling into that tank. My question is this - how difficult is it to make an iron filter backflush from a different source? Is there a particular manufacturer of air injection iron filters that is easier to set up this way? How is it done, in general terms? What switches from one source to the other? Are there problems with maintaining this kind of setup?
and and all advice is welcome and appreciated.


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I know of none that can do what you say, but I expect you could rig up a solenoid valve to do the switching. The new valve control may have a relay output that could tell when the backwash is happening.

I expect your new iron filter was going to be after your cistern.

I would suspect that you could make clearing the sediment easier by using a wet vac or an air lift pump to take out sediment periodically. Maybe even a sump pump with the output sluiced or filtered to let you add the water less sediment back into the tank. If you added a tank, a conical bottom tank with a blow off drain valve at the bottom would make sediment removal easier. But your tank is really big. Would a conical bottom tank between the well and the existing tank catch enough sediment without your oxidizing there? I don't know.
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