Red water residue question

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No, just happy your problem is solved. woops, that might be the last word might it? Sorry


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Well, it may be, but it also, comes from too much heat. I think one of the posters mentioned he had a customer in summer complain of it, hence, the summer heat. For me, it is like my good friend said, the furnace heat blowing on it. So, I just simply moved it from the vent and problem solved. As, I said, I think I had this once before and I am pretty sure I was moving stuff around in the kitchen and had moved the bowls and the coffee maker was already on the other side away from the vent.

So, like Sharon, the Vet, said, and I am repeating, if anyone has this problem to try to move the stuff, bowls etc from a window where the sun pours in, a heating vent, etc.

She said, she had to redo her kennels because of this problem. If not taken care of it can cause illness but, simply move from a heat source.

I will let you know in a couple days, a few days if it goes away and doesn't come back.

UPDATE: No more evidence of the red/pink water.

Thanks for the responses.
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