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Hello Everyone,

I have a Kinetico 2060S water softener. The resin bed became fouled and I was told it needs to be replaced by a Kinetico service tech. It was under Kinetico's ten year warranty period. The tech got approval to replace the bed by his superior in my presence. Later that evening the owner of Kinetico called and told me his tech was wrong...and he is not replacing the resin bed. Ultimately the owner offered to, 'wash the resin bed." I told him, "No." I am no fan of Small Claims Court so I replaced the resin bed myself. The unit works great now, but I purchased an iron backwash filtration system as I have a lot of iron in my well water and read that water softeners should not be used to treat iron laden well water. The system now works well, but the original regen disc on my Kinetico ( #7) is regenerating much more often than it has to at this point, due to the new iron backwash system removing iron. I contacted Kinetico and the owner will not provide me with any information or a lower numbered disc.

So, I located Kinetico's method of calculating "compensated hardness" online. It is somewhat confusing as it states that the CH should be measured in grains per gallon but gives the following formula: "CH in GPG equals Hardness + ( 3X Fe in mg/l)"

I have 5 grains per gallon in Hardness untreated well water. (I have 4 grains per gallon AFTER the iron backwash system.) So, I converted the 5GPG to Mg/l and 5 GPG equals 85.590Mg/l in hardness. I then added a reading of 3.2parts per milion of Iron Content (untreated water) which is 3.2 mg/liter of iron content. I multiplied 3.2mg/l times and obtained 9.6 mg/liter. I added 85.590 mg/l to the 9.6mg/l and obtained 95.190mg/l which equals 5.560 grains per gallon hardness. The problem is the Kinetico regen disc chart does not have such numbers. Does anybody know what I am calculating incorrectly? I need a less frequent regen cycle as the #7 disc is making the water at the faucet very salty after regen. I am done with the local Kinetico dealer as he is clearly unethical as they come.

I am not interested in starting a fight here. I am simply providing a background as to how I ended up in Siberia in the middle of Winter. Thank You for your time.


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