Oil boiler is leaking

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Just looking for general opinions as I wait for the HVAC company to come out since I noticed this today.

Single stage oil boiler from 1988 is leaking water. The water heater is basically inside the blue box itself as I understand it and holds ~10 gallons or so if I remember correctly.

On the side there’s the mixing valve with some corroded pipes. Those were on the list to fox but they do not appear to be causing the leak.

The leak is in the lower right portion coming somewhere behind the blue sheet metal. I have the aluminum foil acting as a drip tray. It’s a slow drip-maybe 1 drip every 2 minutes, but it’s there.

From what I can see, the bladder/water reservoir might be made from cast iron and appears wasted in several areas near the drip. The only thing I can’t tell is where the leak starts. I’m concerned about removing any of the sheet metal to try and get a better look.

Based on the admittedly limited information/any thoughts? It doesn’t look like the leak is linked to any piping so I’m concerned it’s the boiler/water reservoir itself which I would assume the entire unit might need replaced.



The leak isn’t coming from that valve either. You can see all the wastage near the pipes on the block itself so I’m wondering if it’s somewhere around there or not. Again, not sure that’s a replaceable part or not.

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I am not a pro. If it is from 1988, I would not throw too much money at fixing it. If it is going to be anything north of a few hundred, I would put the money toward a new unit.
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