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Ok, Let us open a door to some thing here.

Would like to know if any one and I mean any one has had any challenges with the Morton® System Saver® II salt, the one with the resin cleaner in it.

Now this is from their web site...
"Morton® System Saver® II Formula Pellets are made from a very high purity salt combined with the patented System Saver® II formula to make your water softener work better. Look for it in our new, redesigned bag.

* Patented formula contains softener resin cleaning additives
* Salt and cleaning additives are thoroughly flushed from the system during resin regeneration.

Now I know what it says, thoroughly flushed from the system during resin regeneration. But I am wondering if maybe some is left behind.

A customer changed to total System Saver II 3 years ago and some thing like hard water spots have showed up in the same time frame.

Softener is still delivering soft water , clear on that part..
Softener is still delivering Iron free water.. clear on that part..

Hey, wait a minute.

This is awkward, but...

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