Kitchen sink two sewer hookups

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I've found posts that talked about this but nothing that provides a definitive answer so I figured I'd put it out there.

I've got new countertops being installed and am replacing the sink. Going to redo all the under sink plumbing since I'm at it and it has to be 30 years old or more. Figure it's time and now is a good one with the new sink.

Its a dual basin sink and the configuration is dishwasher on the right of the sink (I will have an air gap), utility sink is the right sink and garbage disposal on the left sink. I would run the the drain as utility sink to garbage disposal and garbage disposal to drain with the trap between the garbage disposal and the sewer line.

My question is whether I should stick with the separate drain hookups or if I should convert to using a single drain hookup?
Pro's or Con's to each option?

My thinking for moving to a single sewer hookup is to free up space under the sink and if any food particles end up in the utility sink that it would be sent to the garbage disposal. Yes, the utility sink will have a basket but accidents do happen.

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