Help identifying my plumbing fixture

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Hi there.

The image "Top" is the sink-side view of my bathroom sink fixture. The hot water flow is not enough to trigger the tankless heater, and I need to remove the fixtures to see if there is something impeding the flow. If I disconnect the hot water supply line and run it into a bucket, there is plenty of flow at the input to the hot water tap, so either the tap is blocked or the outlet faucet is blocked or both.

The other two photos are pictures of the bottom of the sink. I don't recognize the connectors and I am not sure how to dissasemble the whole thing. Does anyone recognize these connections? Are they servicable, or if I take them apart do I need to buy new pieces to be able to re-assemble, is my basic concern. I don't want to take the thing apart only to find I need some push-to-connect part and not know what it is exactly or where to find it.

Thanks for any help!

Edit: I am unable to get the images to load to my post - can anyone advise me that?
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I was going to suggest that photos need to be resized to 800x800 or less... but I can't get a photo to load.. there may be an issue on the back end that needs to be resolved. You may be able to "Host" the photo elsewhere and provide a link to it.
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