Hansgrohe - Two function Shower with a shared function - Plumbing nightmare

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I'm installing the Hansgrohe iBox part # - 01850181 with the Quattro Rough 3 way diverter valve 15930181 that allows for the use of two separate functions (Rain shower & Hand Shower) as well as a shared function (both together.

I've plumbed them up and when I got to the plumbing of the shared function I do not see a way that I can hook them up that they are shared. I've found this resource https://assets.hansgrohe.com/mam/celum/celum_assets/16__aruh0257_pdf.pdf?2 however it does not show me a diagram for a shower that has two independent functions with one shared.

First time I've used this system so please help. Thank you in advance.


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Not super familiar with Hansgrohe, but the 15930181 instructions says "The Quattro and Quattro Green diverters are for use in a three-function shower. Do not plug any outlet." The instructions also say that the 15930181 can be set to use any of the 3 connections, or any pair of them (6 possible settings).

Sounds like you just need a 2-way diverter. [The ones under discussion don't have an "off" setting, so your mixer valve would need to have an "off" setting.] The PDF you linked to shows using the "Trio 2-Way Diverter 15984181". Since it shows using the "
Quattro Green 3-Way Diverter 5936181" (which does not allow the use of more than one outlet simultaneously) for two functions in "
areas where two shower functions cannot be run simultaneously," I infer that the "Trio 2-Way Diverter 15984181" already allows the use of both functions simultaneously (3 possible settings).

Oddly, on the web page for "Trio 2-Way Diverter 15984181" I didn't actually find a document that confirms that it supports both functions simultaneously, but that must be the case given the above. If they had a 2-Way Diverter than didn't support two simultaneous functions, they would suggest using it for 2 functions in "areas where two shower functions cannot be run simultaneously", rather than showing the use of the 3-Way "Green" Diverter, with two of the outlets interconnected.

Cheers, Wayne
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