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I moved into a flat of 3 story wood house that is about 100 years old. There is a problem that the sewer pipes for my flat have been clogging every half a year. My flat sewer pipes are separate from the rest of the house, so noone else has this problem.

Some days ago I decided to investigate and try to fix the problem.

I dug near the house, found the pipe. Pipe that needs to be fixed seems to be cast iron pipe. It transfers further into a brown pipe that seems to be made out of clay.

First I cut out a piece of brown pipe to see what was inside. There I found:


Pipe was half clogged with foam and tree roots. I took them out by hand. Then i faced another problem. There are more foam further up the pipe that I can't reach with my hand:


Here is approximate illustration of the situation:

sewer_pipe (1).png

My problem is:

1. How to get the foam out of the sewer. Maybe there are specific tools or anything. My hand reaches only up to the orange part in the illustration, but I can not get any further.

Any suggestions or even where to look for suggestions and info?

2. As there were tree roots found inside, there is possibility to need to change the pipe from the vertical part of the cast iron pipe to part of the brown pipe.

Any suggestions or even where to look for suggestions and info on how to change?

3. If I manage to get the foam out of the sewer and decide not to change the pipes, Is there any suggestion or way how close the opened brown pipe connection ?


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