General questions about marble mosaic tile

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About to embark on one of my most ambitious tile projects to date. It is a feature wall in the Master bathroom which means I want it to look as absolutely perfect as I am capable of making it.
I have drawn out the shape and size of the wall on the subfloor of my addition in progress and am mock laying the tiles on the floor so I can get good measurements get everything centered right and plan my grout joints as well as I can. In doing so, I have obviously unpacked and unwrapped all of my tile. The wall will have a base of white subway tile and an inlay of marble mosaic with a thin pencil border. I have never worked with marble before and only once have I used mosaic tiles so...

My questions...
1. With a mosaic tile pre-mounted on a mesh is it normal to have some tiles out of position (see below)?
2. If you do have a tile out of position, do you just go with it or do you attempt to correct it?
3. What is the best way to correct it if you choose to do so? Twist/ wiggle/ manipulate while installing or cut it out in advance, install the sheet and then place the individual from the pile of cutouts?
4. When cutting tile in a mosaic to line up (in other words to remove the jigsaw edges) is it best to remove the ones to be cut from the mesh and cut them individually or try to cut the entire sheet?
5. When cutting
marble tile with a wet saw and a diamond tile blade, is it best to do so face down or face up and why? (chipping? scratching? other?)
6. When you are doing a wall with an inlay like this...where do you start? bottom up everything at the same time? Inlay first, then pencil, then outside base? Base first, then pencil then inlay?

Thanks guys. Once I cut the pieces and complete the mock up I plan to post a pic for critique.
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Canton, Michigan
are you still looking for suggestions?Yes it is common for the mosaic tile to be pre mounted mesh, as some times it happens in handling and transportation.
It is better to align out of position tiles first to give it a professional look, you can do it later too.If the error is bit, you can correct it. With wiggle or twist, perfect measurement, and cutting out in advance is always on top.
For the mesh, it is better to remove that part, and arrange them separately after it.
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