Early childhood memories, what were yours?

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What is interesting to me is early childhood memories. Hopefully we all have them, some good, some bad I suppose. Not too traumatic I hope.
One very early memory I've always had was the time my mother left me in my crib while she was in the other room doing, well, maybe doing nothing but taking a break from being a mom. The bedroom I was in was painted a light blue, not a really nice blue, just a not white, not really blue, just really light blue. I hated it. It's the middle of the day, and the lights are off, the curtain pulled. What the heck. No toys with me that I wanted to play with. So, like I'm stuck in here with nothing to do. I hated it.

So what do I do? I standup, reaching up for the railing on the crib and started jumping up and down, and yelling. Too young to say what I'm thinking, but I'm thinking it alright. Mom's in the other room having a life while I'm stuck in a bedroom painted light blue with nothing to look at, and nothing to do.
What are some of your memories?


Terry Love, as a young man. Well.........I will be in time.
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I remember my dad would always use the restroom with the door open. I must have been 3 or 4. One day my dad was sitting on the toilet putting a dip into his mouth. I was curious and came wondering in. I asked "what is that black stuff?". "Why would you put it in your mouth?". "Is it good?" "It doesn't look good?" "Can I have some?".

Sure enough my dad must have thought it would be funny, or maybe he thought it would scare me from the habit, but he did in fact take a pinch of Skoal and put it right into my mouth.

Mostly what I remember, while sitting on my couch with Copenhagen in my lip, is spitting black juice and tobacco furiously into my dad's lap as he sat on the toilet laughing.

He did keep me off of Skoal I guess. That is the earliest memory I have.
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