Deep well pump not building pressure

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I've been pretty good at repairing my well over the last several years, but I'm stumped on this issue.

I have a deep well jet pump that feeds my aerator tank. 1/2hp pump set to 20/40 and pressure tank set at 18 psi. No issues when I installed them both about 2 years ago. The suction/pressure lines connect to a packer adapter with a single pipe inside the 2" casing and a packer jet assembly at the bottom. See picture below.

I noticed recently that the pump was constantly running and not able to reach the shutoff pressure. I fixed a small leak in the 1-1/4 suction line which brought up the pressure from 31 to 35 psi. I replaced the pump with a Myers 1/2hp after troubleshooting the old pump, but unsurprisingly didn't solve anything. I've also noticed that my bladder tank only fills to maybe 1/4 of the tank. I adjusted the pressure switch so the pump will at least shut off, but I'd like to solve the actual problem.

I let the pump reach the 35psi shutoff pressure, then closed the discharge water valve. There was no pressure drop over a 3 hour time period, which leads me to believe neither the foot valve nor casing are faulty. There are no leaks to be seen but it does sound like there may be air in the system whenever the pump initially turns on. The only things I can think of are a suction line leak that I can't find, or a faulty packer jet at the bottom of the well.

Is there anything I'm overlooking that could be causing this issue?

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I have no experience, but the jet may be partially clogged. When shallow jet pumps stop being able to make as much pressure a partially clogged jet can be the problem.
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