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Hey all, I've been facing a rather frustrating issue with my favorite cricket games recently, and I'm hoping to get some guidance or solutions from the community. Whenever I launch the game, it crashes without any warning or error message, leaving me clueless as to what might be causing this issue. I've tried a few troubleshooting steps such as verifying the game files, updating my graphics drivers, and running the game as an administrator, but the problem persists. It's becoming a real buzzkill, especially when I'm eager to immerse myself in a thrilling match. My system meets the game's requirements, and I've never had any issues with it until now. Has anyone else encountered a similar problem, or does anyone have suggestions on what might be the root cause and how to fix it? I'm open to any advice, whether it's tweaking in-game settings, checking my hardware, or anything else you think might help. Your input is greatly appreciated, and I hope we can collectively solve this crashing problem so we can get back to enjoying some quality cricket gaming. Thanks in advance for your assistance!
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